COVID-19 information

Updated 27 July 2020

It is a balancing act between ensuring everyone’s safety and providing care to patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. These are the steps we have taken to make it safer for you to attend:

  • Booking an appointment

Please contact us directly or via the BMI Alexandra Hospital to discuss your condition. Whenever possible, we will offer remote consultations (telephone or video). We will redirect you elsewhere (e.g. NHS eye casualty, Minor Eye Condition Services) if other options are more appropriate.

  • On the day of your visit

In addition to the measures taken by the BMI Alexandra Hospital (social distancing, changes to waiting area, cleaning) and to my usual practice (cleaning all instrumentation, chairs and surfaces in contact with patients, rigorous hand washing, minimising waiting times), I will wear a N95 face mask to offer you more protection than a surgical mask. I will also wear scrubs and a surgical cap – it might be different from the traditional image of a consultant in private practice and I miss wearing smart clothes, but it’s for you. If your child is booked to see me, it might be worth talking about the “superhero costume” that I will wear while examining patients (gown, gloves, goggles if needed).

Please stay assured that I understand your fears. You might be worried about going to see a doctor during the COVID-19 pandemic. You might be worried about yourself and your family members. You might be shielding. This is why I will only see you if waiting will put your eyesight at risk.

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